Saturday, 29th May 2010
Phoneytunes is among the top and most respected players in the Telecom VAS domain with a series of highly innovative, high feature and revenue generating services and platforms helping carriers and operators globally with powerful technological solutions. With over 7 years of intense and in-depth experience of working with various telecom operators and technologies, Phoneytunes has delivered some best of breed and carrier grade VAS platforms helping operators with generating incremental revenues with significant increase in ARPU.


Phoneytunes has a state-of-art technology development center in New Delhi, India with a highly experienced and trained team committed to creating and delivering world class, cost effective and revenue creating solutions for telecom carriers and operators. The key values while designing solutions include helping operators with increase in revenues and reduction in costs. Phoneytunes focus while designing solutions for the operators is on :

Revenue Generation
Increase in ARPU
QOS Quality of Service
Carrier Grade Solutions
Low Cost of Ownership
Quick and Seamless Deployment
World Class Service Delivery backed by SLA

Our key differentiator is the proven ability to create new innovative solutions rapidly based on available extensive domain knowledge and experience in the telecom industry. While we have developed and delivered a wide range of solutions to our customers, some of our key products are listed below :


The Mobile Genie : A highly comprehensive and advanced Content and Portal Management System for the complete range of Mobile services – downloads, streaming, infotainment services and more, all available for access through the WAP, Web, SMS or even the IVR user interfaces.


Online Charging Gateway : A robust and versatile VAS charging gateway with real time charging and virtually zero possibility of any revenue leakage. Supporting subscription services with auto renewal and a flexible configuration for price points, it does add the complete CRM functionality for user history, content popularity and helping to build a targeted content / service promotion activity


SMS Router : Acting as a virtual SMSC handling message routing based on short codes or keywords, it helps manage the SMS traffic for :

Premium billing
Traffic log reports and
Easy access for bulk messaging

MMS Box : A comprehensive platform linked to our based content management solution, bringing a complete package to a user for MMS composers, MMS in / out / draft / sent messages. Adding features for multiple sending options on composed messages to the handset, e-mail addresses or even another MMS box, it’s a unique offering for advanced MMS user services.


VAS Kiosks : Music, imaging and video downloads delivered on mobile devices over the Blue tooth / IRDa / SMS or even loading on the MMC / SD cards with direct cash acceptance options on the kiosk, this is a unique offering for broadening the awareness of premium VAS services to mobile subscribers. Photo printing services for reading in images over Blue tooth or the IRDa bring in additional excitement to our bank of services.


VAS Content : Leaders in all variants of mobile content with an in-house content factory churning out advanced mobile content meeting the most exacting and customized specifications, we are sure to meet your demanding expectations for the best to your customers.


Embedded J2me applications : BREW, Symbian or J2me, we bring a vast development experience for customized development or sometimes even original development work for you.


Unique SIM Tool Kit applications : Based on the STK platforms from Smart Trust or direct Menu embedding, we couple our content services together with the Information on Demand requirements for a complete end-to-end service to your customers.


BREW development : As a certified elite BREW developer, we have been active with CDMA telcos in and outside India, bringing innovations and unique application development offerings to the BREW devices. Working on regular BREW and BREWLite platforms, we have been regularly winning the developer awards from Qualcomm in India since 2005.

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