Exedra KW

Oil Separators

A frequency-controlled suction pump which is installed on the end of the system = on the container of the RESIDUAL OIL SEPARATOR draws the oil-water mixture from the water surface via the floating flap into the skimmer container of our FLOATING SKIMMER Thereafter, the water flows into the 1st container of the OIL SEPARATOR in which VERTICAL CORRUGATED COALESCING PLATES are installed. This VERTICAL PLATES serves a pre-oil- separation process in which larger oil drops are intercepted by the oleophilic corrugated coalescing plates and increased by the coalizing effect. The increased oil drops then rise very rapidly along the corrugated plates to the oil collection layer of the separator. Solids are intercepted by the vertical plates, enlarged and then discharged along the plates quickly into the sludge trap at the bottom of the separator In front of the vertical corrugated plates stainless steel screens are installed with which grass, weeds and other floating debris are intercepted. These screens are easy to pull out of the separator for cleaning Thereafter, the water flows into the 2nd container of the OIL SEPARATOR into the RESIDUAL OIL SEPARATOR in which HORIZONTAL CORRUGATED COALESCING PLATES are installed This HORIZONTAL PLATES serves a residual –oil- separation process to separate all small oil droplets out, down to 45 microns in size. The water, which is now purified by the oil, is pumped back into the sea. The Oil Outlet concentration in the Outlet of the RESIDUAL OIL SEPARATOR is below 5 ppm. These two separator tanks are ~2.5 m below the water level and are completely filled with water to the water level. Both tanks have lockable lids and are designed to end 1.5 meters above the water level to prevent overspray of the separated oil back into the sea. The total height of the two separator tanks is ~4 m. The skimmer and the two oil separator containers are mounted between the 2 floats of the catamaran. The distance between the two floats is ~6 m, the length of the floats is ~17 m The CPI-Oil Separator can only remove free oils, but NO EMULSIONS