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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT 

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FOR MANUFACTURING - Keeping production humming just got a whole lot easier.


Put an end to unnecessary downtime

As a manufacturing manager, you take ultimate responsibility for so many
processes. With limited hours in the day, how do you find time to
oversee it all?

Get real-time alerts for situations that require your attention.

Our award-winning line of 50+ sensors will let you know if motors are
vibrating irregularly or excessively, temperatures are off, or humidity is high.
With such a broad line of sensors, there are so many things you can monitor
from one platform.

Always know your production process is optimized with Exedra's
Wireless Sensors for remote facilities monitoring.

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5 Ways Exedra Boosts your Production


Prevention Power

Not having a finger on the pulse of production can be costly. Before you know it, everything can grind to a halt while unplanned repairs take place.

Stay ahead of the maintenance curve today and avoid problems tomorrow. See the obvious and not-so-obvious signs that service is needed

with our Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Exedra remote monitoring solutions give you deeper insight. Operate with confidence knowing you

(or your staff) will be alerted if anything goes wrong.


A Scalable Solution

Many solutions require a large initial outlay or offer a limited sensor line—requiring manufacturing managers to monitor production vitals via multiple

systems. Grow your system as your operation grows. Exedra’s line of 70+ award-winning IoT sensors provides a remote monitoring  solution which

is both affordable and scalable.

The system sets up in less than 15 minutes, so you can quickly see the value Exedra sensors provide for production. With ROI determined, you can

scale seasonally, by the order, or as other unique requirements surface.


Custom Alerts

Early signs of equipment failure can be difficult to detect. With a demanding schedule, it can be difficult to break away and check in on vulnerable

equipment manually. Customize alerts for all the metrics you care about. Decide which unusual conditions trigger a text, email, or call alert.

Exedra IoT sensors can even trigger alerts for abnormal conditions that are hard for someone to identify in person. Put advanced analytics to work

protecting your manufacturing equipment.


Simple Automation

Time adds up when you are manually checking your production line. Whether your production volume is hundreds of units per day, or thousands per

hour, you have other priorities.

Get more eyes on the line by automating with Exedra facility monitoring systems. The time you will free up can be used for more important

things—like improving efficiency and increasing production.

Global Access

Worried about the state of production while you are on a trip? Or maybe you’re across town taking care of business.

Leverage flexible dashboards to put metrics at your fingertips.

Keep an eye on equipment, personnel, and important conditions online—whenever, wherever.

Convenient Android and iOS apps are also included—providing you insights when you are away from your computer. Know more. Worry less.