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Knowledge Management

For any organization, attrition and turnover are huge risks. In addition to the costs of hiring and training new employees, there?s also the cost of losing the institutional and functional knowledge that walks out the door when an employee leaves. Capturing, managing and retaining that kind of knowledge is a challenge that knowledge management solutions aim to overcome.

Think of knowledge management as a way to retain the knowledge that your employees are creating as well as the tacit, institutional knowledge that employees gain over time.

The first step in that effort is organizing and retaining knowledge in the form of work products. For the last 20 to 30 years, file shares offered a simple, easy way to collect documents and files as they?re created. But keeping that information is only part of the challenge in knowledge management. You also need to be able to find it again to improve and reuse it, so that your employees aren?t reinventing the wheel every time they have to create a work product.


We understand SharePoint, we understand SharePoint Architecture and Development Process and we have experience in creating meaningful Knowledge Management Solutions over the past years. As there are no standard Knowledge Management Initiatives yet defined, the solution needs can vary from organization to organization. We at Exedra suggest innovations solutions in the space of Knowledge Management according to the requirements of the customers, develop, and execute them to their satisfaction leveraging Microsoft SharePoint Server technologies.

OUR EXPERIENCE (A few Projects)


"A ideation process within the organization suggested by the employees goes into a business process which is carefully studied?for feasibility with relevant documents uploaded and prioritized by the experts. If the idea is accepted then Budgets get associated, teams are selected, and initial timeline and schedules are created and the idea is converted into a Project to be taken care of by the project management software"


"An Enterprise organization whose employees are in disparate locations fill in their expertise and project related experiences in their personal profiles onto the company portal. In the event when a new project is created, the system checks for relative experiences in the company database and suggests the right people for the project who are the contacted and suggested to participate in the project as project consultants or project execution teams."


"Another interesting project for an Enterprise where the employees are requested to select their expertise in different domains?in their personal profiles. From the company portal, any employee who would like to ask any question related to different categories available, Once the question is posted, the system sends an alert to the Subject Matter Experts who have those categories as part of their expertise. The SME(s) can choose to respond to the question and the collected answers can then be rated by other SME(s) of the same expertise. The highest rated answers are selected to be included in the knowledge base of the organization and the SME (the author of the answer) receives certain points and climbs the ratings in the SME directory. Towards the end of the year, the points are converted into different kind rewards available for that particular year. The same happens with blogs where bloggers are selected based on their seniority, SME ratings, experience, etc... These bloggers then write blogs on different aspects of the work environment, organizational behaviors, technical space, business related, etc and receive comments which are rated as well and employees with relative and innovative comments receive ratings which again gets converted into rewards towards the end of the year. "