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NOV 2020

Become Safer, More Efficient, and Sustainable with our Solution

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    Food Service

      Remote monitoring can help with your restaurant management challenges.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible for food producers, transportation experts, and food service providers to stay always connected and guarantee safe food throughout the entire process. With IoT solutions in place, companies across the supply chain gain the visibility needed to ensure food is of the best quality, delivered on time, and prepared in the optimal environment. This also makes the FDA happy, there is now proof of quality at each checkpoint during the entire cold chain and shipping process to ensure there has been no disruption to the food’s safety.

Most restaurants and food service providers still perform manual checks of the conditions in storage areas. These routine inspections require recording the temperature and/or humidity, which typically happens every three hours during the day. We offer an alternative solution to the time-consuming, paper-based temperature/humidity recording process. Automated sensor systems can monitor areas of your business that were previously tracked by hand. Wireless sensors can record temperature or humidity levels every 10 minutes and captured data can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. This frees up manpower and time, allowing employees to focus on more important job responsibilities.

Putting Sensors to Work in your Restaurant

Monitor cold inventory & ensure food stays fresh.

Get an alert when a door is left ajar

More power draw may mean equipment needs service

Measure Air Quality & keep work conditions safe.

Detect leaks early to prevent damage & downtime.

Monitor air flow to maintain a pleasant environment.

Ensure humidity and temps are optimal for fresh juices

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Why Choose our IoT Solution

Easy Setup

All of our remote monitoring systems can be set up in about 15 minutes and our intuitive interface makes managing your system a snap!

Exceptional Wireless Range

Our optimized RF communications platform provides superior wireless range for covering large areas.

50+ Sensor Types

With over 50 different sensor types and more developed all the time, the sky is the limit for what you can monitor.

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