Performance Management System

The Employee Performance Management System is used to track the progress of all top management employees. This includes the set of KPI for the year and cascading them from the Top Management to their subordinates.

Why Performance Management System?

Performance Management System creates a shared vision of the purpose and aims of the organization, helping each individual employee to understand and recognize their part in contributing to them, therby enhancing the performance of both the individual and the organization. The system has been designed to:

  • Evaluate and recognize performance
  • Identify strengths and areas for development or improvement
  • Set realistic objectives
  • Monitor and review performance against objectives
  • Identify other assistance required
The Performance Management System can be categorized into the following modules:
  • Contract List
  • Change Management
  • Corporate KPI
  • System Admin
    • Import User
    • KPI Category
    • KPI Weight
    • KPI PMO
    • Manage Delegation
    • KPI Years
    • Business Plan
  • Report Generation

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