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What is a Smart Factory?

Next-generation smart factories will use what's known as a cyber-physical system to collect and analyze data to carry out tasks more efficiently and create better products. INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING

Our industry leading CMMS helps industrial maintenance teams and plant technicians diminish equipment downtime and manage thousands of assets across multiple locations. Your team experiences less equipment failures, lower maintenance costs and better technician utilization.

Hungry for Data


The first step in making a factory smart is to centralize your data. Any successful business should be run with a keen eye on the numbers. In a smart factory, the proper systems are in place to collect and centralize those numbers. In most cases, this is a network of wireless IIoT sensors and devices that are constantly collecting and storing vast amounts of data. This data could be anything from the timing of specific robots to environmental conditions throughout the factory.

Without a good set of aggregated data and the right tools to maintain it, you cannot have a smart factory. Having the data, however, is just the most basic component of a smart factory.