Exedra KW

Water Treatment Systems

Our partner has developed a special RESIDUAL OIL – WATER SEPARATOR patented technology outperforming conventional systems in the market. Their Oil Separators can be used in different applications including Mobile Oil Spill remediation systems. Over 20,000 Oil Water Separators currently in operation worldwide. In-House Developed Software calculating the exact measurement of the Oil Separators required

Technology & Benefits

All of our applications are based on the same technology using Vertical & Horizontal, Oleophilous, Non-Rotatable Corrugated Coalescent Plates.

Key Benefits:

. Highest Separation Efficient in the market

. 4x more efficient than conventional CPI

. 4x smaller than conventional CPI separators

. Down to 15 micron oil droplet size separation

. Oil outlet concentration down to 5 ppm

. Significant Cost Savings due to less consumption of chemicals during downstream flotation.

. Capacity from 20 up to 300.000x liter per minute

. Limited Maintenance requirements

. Life time up to 36 years

Product Applications

1) MOBILE OIL SEPARATORS – for Oil Spill Remediation

      . For use in harbor's, oceans, rivers, lakes or groundwater

2) CPI OIL SEPARATORS - for Oil Water Separation

      . Oil Fields, Gas Fields, Refineries, Steel Mills, Power Stations and  Harbor's.

      . For IMPROVEMENT of existing API Separators (Installation kits)

      . For PRODUCED WATER - INJECTION WATER to separate oil out of water


      . For any CRUDE OIL TANK to remove existing water bubbles

      . Prevents corrosion & Steam Hits in the refining process


      . For Vehicle Washing Process/ Compatible with all washing machines available worldwide

      . No chemicals are needed.

Mobile Oil Separators for Oil Spill Remediation

       . Fully Automated Operational Systems for Oil Spill Remediation

                 .Onshore / Offshore/ Oilfields / Gas fields / Refineries / Lakes / Fuel Depots / Petrochemical Plants / Steel mills / Power Plants

       . Inhouse developed Floating Flap Skimmer ensures that oil from the top layer of the Water Surface is skimmed off and then separated
         using the Residual Oil Water Separator System

      . The separated oil will be stored and the Treated Water with an oil content below 5 ppm will be returned into the Sea.

     . The requirements for tankers (both at sea & on land) is eliminated saving both cost & time compared to conventional systems

     . Quick mobilization time and limited manpower requirements