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About Exedra

About Us

EXEDRA is a professional IoT solution provider company with office in Kuwait since 2009. We leverage the top trending technologies to
simplify the process of data collection, storage and retrieval in order to accomplish the goal: connecting "things" to the Cloud.

we can offer the market competitive and advanced solutions in the IoT domain with the unique capabilities and wireless RF technology
and the LoRaWAN®️ protocol – high performance, low power and affordable connectivity – offers the industry a diverse set of applications
that expands from tracking sensors to monitoring fertilizer levels in soil.

We now serve customers all over Kuwait and some parts of the Gulf and expanding further in the region.


Our Vision

Our goal is to empower our clients with the best IoT solutions for businesses to function more efficiently, stay connected and be more
successful. With special focus on Smart Cities and Smart Factories, we have the technology to design responsive systems that automatically
adjust to specific needs of the people without constant oversight, cutting both costs and human error.

Keep KUWAIT in the list of top market players at solving global tech challenges, promote KUWAIT by providing top-notch service, efficient
delivery and expertise solutions, c
reate opportunities for intellectual people.


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