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About Maintenance Management System


Why CMMS Software?


. It Increases the productivity and labor effectiveness.

. Saves time by accessing the right information, when and where you need it

. Improves the collection and distribution of information


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Our CMMS Software is the definitive leader in Maintenance & Facility Management Software with over 1400 successful customers. We provide Facility Maintenance and Asset Management Software (Browser-Based CMMS) to organizations in MENA region. Our unique blend of top-notch technology and personalized service give us the ability to deliver satisfaction and success to our customers. Our attention to service is evident in the people we hire, the systems we develop and the way we interact with our clients.


Avoid extra trips back to the office. Eliminate the need for print-outs. Reduce waste. With our Software , your technicians can quickly access information from their iPad, Android tablet or other mobile device.

Receive work orders instantly. Record time and materials. Wrap it up and move on. Our Software allows your technicians to complete work orders from the field.

Increase labor productivity. Technicians can access work orders, view attached documents and files, and upload photos with a mobile phone or tablet device, all from the field.

Improve the utilization of your most important asset: your mechanics. Using a smart device, your team can access the CMMS remotely, bringing

up productivity and the percent of labor hour utilization.

Effectively measure maintenance performance and service with more precise tracking of repair information, such as craft labor productivity,

through the use of our Software on location.

Hold your filed technicians more accountable of hours spent on maintenance requests. Utilize our Software's start/stop clock functionality

to log wrench time.

Free from turbulence, our Solution streamlines communication within your department with assignment notifications, real-time status

updates and more.

Protect yourself and your organization with accurate and up-to-date documentation of work. With this solution, you can capture photos

of the repair, on location, to provide proof of fixes if/when necessary.

Keep all stakeholders informed of progress. With updates to work records from the field, you get better tracking and greater visibility of

maintenance being performed.

The CMMS Software has the following features:


. Work Order Tracking 

. Asset Management

. Preventive Maintenance

. Spare Parts Inventory

. Service Requests

. Calendar Scheduling

. Security Access Groups

. Mobile Workflow

. KPI Dashboards

. Custom Report Writer