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Collections Call Center

shutterstock_775587001 (2)Maximize your debt collection rates with
a high-performance predictive dialer

With a wide range of robust, easy-to-use features, the predictive dialer in
our contact center solution is designed to improve your teams’ productivity
and your debt collection rate.


Increase your agents’ productivity and your collection rates

When collecting debt, time is money. You have to maximize your debtor
contact rate to successfully increase the amount of debt recovered. The
key to this process is a call center solution with smart predictive dialing
features, immediate access to all customer info and strict compliance
with regulations.


Boost your collection rate

With smart algorithms, our predictive dialer eliminates manual calls and increases the contact rate with the right people to improve your
agents’ productivity and your campaigns impact.


Improve your results with an omnichannel solution

Our solution enables your agents to contact customers on different channels—phone, email, text messaging, and more—to increase recovery
rates and optimize the customer experience.


Gain a comprehensive view of each debtor's profile

View customer information as well as a full record of their interactions in a unified platform integrated with your CRM, to better adapt your script
to each customer.


Manage your debt collection team efficiently

Reducing outstanding debt and warding off risks is essential for the economic health of your company. Our contact center solution gives
you all the features you need to analyze your activity, guide your agents and optimize your debt collection team’s performance.


Script editor

Assist your agents with an integrated script editor to respond to objections and make your pitch efficiently.


Voice and screen recording

Oversee your agents’ quality and training with our native tool for secure call and digital interactions recording.



Use powerful campaign analysis tools to measure your results, fine-tune your scripts and help your agents improve.


Quality Management

Help your agents improve call quality with our listening, whispering, chat and conferencing features as well as satisfaction surveys.


CRM integration

Integrate our solution with your CRM or business software to get direct access to customer data and update them after each interaction.


Regulatory compliance

Guarantee compliance with local legislation for your outbound call campaigns (Bloctel, Ofcom, TCPA, Procon, etc.)