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Energy Optimization

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People often don't understand what is energy optimization and how to
achieve it. Some think that changing their lights to LED will do a great enough job, while others don't exactly understand on how to go about optimizing their energy. While changing Bulbs to lights does impact in savings, it's impact on your energy bill is quite small.

According to a recent study, lights consumption is only about 10-15% in a commercial, residential or industrial complex. About 70% consumption of
your electricity comes from the HVAC or simply your Air-conditioning (AC).

With our State-of- the art Solutions, we combine different technologies and provide the best solutions depending on the facilities itself. We provide ENERGY AUDITS and check each and every parameter where the
energy is being WASTED and optimize on that part.

By combining different technologies, it becomes easier to implement the
right technology for that particular industry.

A final report is submitted in which a ROI is given and in most of the
projects, the ROI does not exceed 3 years.


Some of the technologies used for Energy savings are:

Smart Thermostats

Variable Frequency Drives

Water Efficient Products

Smart Energy Metering

Smart Motion Sensors


The Verticals for Energy Optimizations are:

Lighting Automation

Street Light Parking Solution

Commercial and Residential Energy Solutions

Industrial Energy Solutions